Save My Seat!
As a physician you've achieved success yet: 
  • Your days are filled with more stress than success.
  • You secretly wonders if this is all there is.
  • You minimize the gifts and talents you have to offer medicine.
  • You are looking for more...
During this FREE 3-Day Workshop you'll discover: 

How holding onto that residual “I’m not good enough” energy from med school and residency training triggers stressful, self-sabotaging thoughts instead of standing in your expertise, even if it’s been years since training.

The ways the hierarchy of medicine perpetuates stress and keeps success at arm’s length as you compare yourself to your colleagues.

How not fully appreciating your gifts and talents, especially those outside of medicine, keeps your success and  well-being at bay. 
Save My Seat!

Here' what other docs say:

Stressed Out to Peace

"Thanks Dr. Wellington.  You are an awesome mentor and teacher.  I thank you for motivating me and holding me accountable in many ways."

Disgruntled to Empowered

"I know that I have to dedicate my life to these new practices. When I do life flows. I am at choice."

 Looking For Answers Everywhere to Trusting Self

"Working with Dr. Stephanie has given me more focus and direction in my career. Decision making is much clearer when I own my value."

Don't waste time trying to figure it out on your own.  

You tried that long enough. The stress and frustration is forcing you to look for that next position. That's when many physicians hire me for coaching.

Here's the thing. I did that as well, believing the next opportunity would be the solution.

I'm not advocating that you stay in silence. I am a proponent of defining the best way for you to engage in medicine so that you experience more success and less stress on a regular basis. 

Defining success on my own terms started with releasing the stress, struggle, and striving so that success flows. 

Dr. Stephanie Wellington is a physician, speaker, life coach, and founder of Nurturing MDs, helping physicians infuse new energy into the practical steps of creating a life and medical career so they optimize their talent and promote their well-being.

When Dr. Stephanie incorporated the principals of life coaching into the way she practices medicine, her clinical experiences shifted.  There are still long shifts, critical patients, and system breakdowns. Instead of succumbing to the stress and feeling drained and derailed by the challenges in medicine, she is open to solutions flowing her way for the best outcomes for the patient, the team and herself. Now she teaches other docs to do the same. 

Save My Seat!